Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Three Deep Breaths

It's amazing how three mindful breaths at random points throughout the day can bring one back to (or at least remind one of) center.

Try it now.


On a seemingly unrelated note (is anything every really unrelated?), the blog Source of Miracles (which is a great blog that you should check out) relays that Ken Wilber had a Grand Mal Seizure in December, but is recovering well. You can read Ken's post about the seizure by following the link on Source of Miracles' post. Be sure to send love and prayers of healing to Ken.


Julie said...

I like the image you picked.

It is pretty amazing...thanks!

Zach Young said...

Ah how nice. It does work well, I just forget sometimes. It's an especially nice reprieve in the middle of a busy day.

isaiah said...

1 2 3