Friday, January 26, 2007

'Ol Diesel in the Newspaper

The Entertainment editor of the local newspaper called me this week and wanted to do a story on our little Pink Floyd cover band (ya, word travels quick). Click here to check it out!

UPDATE (1/28): I've decided to post the article in its entirety. I think after a few days, the paper archives the articles and you have to pay for them thereafter...

My Top 5: Music

Local singer-songwriter Trev Diesel has been popping up at various Greater Lafayette coffeehouses for the last year either solo or with his band. Last fall, he and bassist Nick Smith embarked on a new ambitious musical project by creating a Pink Floyd tribute band called Pink Noise.

"We learned a few songs for a bonfire party," remembered Diesel, 27. "We learned a couple more. Pretty soon, we knew the entire Darkside of the Moon."

Diesel admitted Pink Floyd songs are difficult to learn and play well. He credits guitarist Dan Mayer for not only getting the chords right but also the tone.

Diesel and his Pink Noise mates will be among the many checking out The Pink Floyd Experience at 8 p.m. Saturday at Purdue University's Elliott Hall of Music. Here are Diesel's top-5 favorite Floyd songs.

1.) "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," Wish You Were Here -- Various movements, a range in dynamics and musical feel, and a beautiful non-standard chord progression makes this my absolute favorite Pink Floyd song. Plus, it's super cute when my two-year old says "Shine on, you cwazy diamond."

2.) "Eclipse," Dark Side of the Moon -- The best ending to any album, ever. "Eclipse" is a perfect description of the totality of what it means to be alive: "All that is now, all that is gone, all that's to come, and everything under the sun is in tune."

3.) "Echoes," Meddle -- Classic slow and "spacey" Pink Floyd. Particularly notable is their performance of this song on the original version of the "Live at Pompeii" film.

4.) "Time," Dark Side of the Moon -- Each of the tracks on Dark Side of the Moon is a concept song, but lyrically and musically I believe Pink Floyd nailed their theme best with "Time."

5.) "Sheep," Animals -- A pulsating bass line, driving rhythm and meaningful lyrics about conformity, greed and the abuse of power makes this a favorite.


gratefulbear said...

Congratulations! Kinda neat how they did a little blurb for each song.

Zach Young said...

Cool, congratulations! You're becoming quite the rockstar!

Layla said...

Get out of here! I didn't know you had a PF cover band. Congrats! Very cool!


anonymous julie said...

Wock on!

isaiah said...

Sweet! Pink Noise- Love it!

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