Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's Grrrrrreat!

A conversation I had with a six-year old girl today:

(I spot that she has a quarter and so I hand her another quarter from my pocket.)

ME: "Boy, you sure do have a lot of money."
HER: "Yup."
ME: "What are you going to buy with all that money? A pony?
HER: "Nope."
ME: ... a tiger?"
HER: "A tiger AND a lion. And, boy, is my house sure going to be crazy...(long pause)...when they have babies."

I'm pretty sure there's a Zen koan in there somewhere, but I've been knocked into too many new levels of enlightenment (just from hearing it) to know for sure. Roar...

Friday, September 24, 2004

Just Survival?

It's interesting that since my daughter was born, I have been whisked into what I have been referring to (in my thoughts) as Survival Consciousness. It seems as though "living from the level of Spirit" and concerning myself with God, the mystical, etc. has fallen wayside to the urgency of "just getting by". Whereas before I found myself blessed with the time to spend in solitude, pursuing spiritual paths, and reading, I now am engulfed in dirty diapers and "onesies."

Not to say that the two are mutally exclusive - quite the opposite. Ram Das, in "Be Here Now," titles a page: "Drop Out / Cop Out." In other words, if you feel like you need to drop out of everyday living (moving into a monistary, or even just leaving the world behind) in order to pursue Spirit, you're missing the boat and "copping out."

And now as I reconsider, perhaps this is a gentle and gracious reminder that I both (1) have yet far to go and (2) am missing it right underneath my nose.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

about the night

there's something about the night -
when headlights and stoplights
- from a limited perspective -
become North Stars
and gravitational accents
that pull gently on the weight of my
automobile : magnetically
as the moon beckons the tide
and as warm sleepy exhaustion
draws me to a final destination
of enveloped long awaited sleep
and dusty night shadows
of splendor and slumber

Composed that one while taking a movie back at 11:30 pm last week. Probably should start focusing on driving.

Have been gone for a bit. Babies, it appears, are quite dependent. Hmmm...

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Sunday, September 05, 2004