Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Ring, ring, doorbell ring. It's House Party Time."

As a parent of a 2-year old, let me tell you: the world is no short supply of horrible, awful, poorly executed children's music. Thankfully, there's Dan Zanes.

If you've got little ones (who are fans of Playhouse Disney), you probably already know this chap. We finally broke down over the weekend and picked up one of his CDs and, sure most of it still feels like children's music, but it's pretty damn good. I'm actually starting to put in the disc when Kalli's not even interested in listening to it.

Dan and band have an excellent folk sound and Dan's voice can be quite captivating. All of this is not to mention that his albums feature such guest artists as Bob Weir (ya, no kidding!), Deborah Harry, Philip Glass, Blind Boys of Alabama, Natalie Merchant, Nick Cave and more.

Here are two video clips so you can get a sample, but also note that most of the albums' songs aren't actually even as sing-songy as these. They're actually quite mature! Thanks for the great music, Dan!

"House Party"

"All Around the Kitchen"

...and finally...

HERE is a REALLY EXCELLENT interview with Dan Zanes. Really, this is worth watching.


Renegade Buddha said...

Reminded me of Karl Wallinger and World Party for some reason.

Some vids for you:

David said...

heck yeah man! "Catch that train" is one of the illest joints I've heard in a while. Trev, you're going to have to burn me a disc..I don't have a kid.

Trev Diesel said...

RB - Thanks... I'll check out the videos. And good to hear from you again!

Dave--- Heck ya man. That's my favorite song of his, unfortunately I got another disc since I liked a lot of the other disc better. But I bet I go pick up the "Train" album soon too.

jaxun said...

Dude, I just saw this guy for the first time this weekend. All I could think was "Hey Dan. Rod Stewart called. He wants his hairstyle back." It was cool music though. Don't remember what song they were playing.

Trev Diesel said...

Jaxun - hilarious. Actually, in one of his videos, he grabs a hair comb, looks at it, and tosses it aside.

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