Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Smattering of Art

Over the past few weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed the following CDs/films:


1.) Give by The Bad Plus - I've had my eye on this disc for a few years, but just purchased it a few days ago. This acoustic jazz trio (piano/bass/drums) creates an interesting jazz/rock fusion that causes neither the jazz nor the funky rock to suffer. Equally avant garde, beautiful, humorous - you've gotta check out these "bad boys of jazz." I love it - my favorite new disc in a long time. (You won't believe their cover of Black Sabbath's Iron Man)

2.) Life Short Call Now by Bruce Cockburn - Off a recommendation by Hamza Darrell, I picked up this album on Sunday. Heartfelt and meaningful songs about everything from our culture's obsession with instant gratification to heartbreaking portrayals of the current state of Baghdad. I particularly appreciate the honesty and emotion of "Beautiful Creatures" which laments the loss of nature.

3.) The Ditty Bops by The Ditty Bops - Amanda and Abbey present an ecclectic collection of songs with beautifully harmonized voices, guitar, mandolin, hammer dulcimer and more. Amazon.com's review is pretty spot on: "They draw liberally on genres of yore, hopping from western swing to vaudevillian theatrics, jazz, and folk music." Such fun music, you can't help but being swept up!


1.) Harold and Maude - Speaking of Hamza, it's funny that you would mention this movie recently, as I just saw it on Sunday night for the first time. A classic 70's movie that I finally got a chance to sit down and watch. What can I say? They just don't make movies like this anymore. Poignant, charming, beautifully shot, and as funny as anything I've seen. Instantly added to my top favorite movies list.

2.) Little Miss Sunshine - Speaking of quirky movies.... you really need to check out this newly released gem. It is almost exactly like I just described Harold and Maude: "Poignant, charming, beautifully shot, funny..." This road trip movie is not without its flaws and is rather predictable, but is quite the entertaining (and moving) ride along the way.


Becca said...

love. LOVE Harold and Maude.

Celeste said...

I too compared Little Miss Sunshine to Harold and Maude (as did many). I already own Harold and Maude and will be buying Sunshine as well.

"No more 9 steps!"

isaiah said...

I can’t help but equate the sound of “Give” with another favorite Jazz artist of mine.

In fact, Bad Plus sounds exactly like Vince Guaraldi and his “bad” band, but- on acid.

In fact, “Give”- is what acid sounds like.

It took a run through of “Give” with morning coffee; the full crescendo to “Iron Man” where my half and half sours in mid-pour to full realize what a funked up ensemble Bad Plus is.

"Frong & Toad" and "Velouria" are my favs- here you can actually listen to the ghost of Vince come back again...if you close your eyes, Charlie Brown, Linus & Snoopy are dancing about- but in a cosmic way... yeah, it's all good!

What a beautiful tromp into an mural-electric. You have to qualify beyond the fringe to
pop this into the player at your next soiree expecting everyone jump for joy. Sounds like my kinda party though. Gave up the acid a long, long time ago- but it’s nice to experience the soundscape again, sans the stomach churning side effects. Thanks for the recommendation.

What can I say about Harold & Maude? The movie is flooded with the spiritual; overtones of rebirth are in almost every scene.

The soundtrac of Cat Stevens is poignant and lays an excellent, fitting base for the love story. Wish this would come to DVD (it may have...although I haven't seen it yet- still have to watch the VHS).

Great, great movie everyone should see.

Trev Diesel said...

Tommy - What a great comment! Wow, so that's what Acid's like, eh? Never partaken myself, but if it's like "The Bad Plus" ...

I agree that it's a lot like Vince - in a great way. Thanks for making that correlation... very groovy.

"Velouria" is probably one of my favorites as well. They do have another album out recently that is supposed to include their rendition of Chariots of Fire. Have yet to check it out.

And yes, Harold and Maude is out on DVD. I bought it last weekend. :)