Friday, January 19, 2007


Here' ONE MORE movie trailer for you. Yesterday, I shared about the exciting new film "Pan's Labyrinth."

Then my brother-in-law clued me into this trailer: another visually-stunning work, although with this one, I would guess they'll earn their R-rating with some mega-violence. At any rate, it looks beautiful, whether the story will be or not. If movies keep being this aesthetically stunning, we're in for a very cool future in the world of film.


gratefulbear said...
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Zach Young said...

Yea I can't wait to see the eye candy in that movie. It should be great!

jaxun said...

HA! It's going to be playing at an IMAX theater here. I am banking about 5 chick flix with the girlfriend to earn a go to this visual extravaganza. Can't wait.