Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend Recap

  • Won Round 1 (of 3) of Battle of the Bands on Thursday night (even though it was most certainly our worst performance to date).
  • Listened to multiple hours of Alan Watts lectures from the "Out of Your Mind" series while mowing, driving, cleaning.
  • Went to Barnes and Noble with Amy, sat in big, fluffy chairs, read magazines, and bought nothing.
  • Got wildly sunburned from playing at an outdoors stage at Purdue University's Grand Prix (but it was a pretty rockin' show).
  • Got the Doodlebops CD in the mail for our daughter, thereby dooming us to (seemingly) everlasting road trips.


Amy Harden said...

"We're the Doodlebops. We're the Doodlebops. We're the Doodlebops, Oh Yeah!"

We used to be cool once, right? right?

jaxun said...

What?!? The Doodlebops?!? I am offline for a week and this is what happens to you guys???

Seriously, I am going to have to call in an intervention and/or exorcism. On a scale of fatal syrupy creepiness ranging from one to ten, Doodlebops are a raging, flamingly effeminate 11.

This concludes my rant for the month.