Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh, come off it...

"So then, when you're in the way of waking up, and finding out who you are, you meet a character called a guru, as the Hindus say 'the teacher,' 'the awakener.' And what is the function of a guru? He's the man that looks you in the eye and says 'Oh come off it. I know who you are.'

You come to the guru and say 'Sir, I have a problem. I'm unhappy, and I want to get one-up on the universe. I want to become enlightened. I want spiritual wisdom.' The guru looks at you and says 'Who are you?' You know Sri Ramana Maharshi, that great Hindu sage of modern times? People used to come to him and say 'Master, who was I in my last incarnation?' As if that mattered. And he would say 'Who is asking the question?'

And he'd look at you and say, go right down to it, 'You're looking at me, you're looking out, and you're unaware of what's behind your eyes. Go back in and find out who you are, where the question comes from, why you ask.'

And if you've looked at a photograph of that man--I have a gorgeous photograph of him; I look by it every time I go out the front door. And I look at those eyes, and the humor in them; the lilting laugh that says 'Oh come off it. Shiva, I recognize you.'"

[from "The Nature of Consciousness" by ALAN WATTS]


isaiah said...

Om Namaha Shiva...

They're all saying the same thing!
Each great teacher says the same thing over and over and over again-
and we still don't get it...until we do!

Jesus says, "Deny thyself"!

Buddha says, "Anata" (no self)!

Lord Krishna says, "There is no existence for that which is unreal; there is no non-existence for that which is real. And the correct conclusion about both is perceived by those who perceive the truth. It is not born, nor does it ever die, nor, having existed, does it exist no more. Unborn, everlasting, unchangeable, and primeval, the self is not killed when the body is killed."

Tolle says, "What is spiritual realization? The belief that you are spirit? No, that's a thought. Spiritual realization is to see clearly that you are not what you percieve, experience, think, or feel....what remains is the light of consciousness- that is Being."

anonymous julie said...

Two succinct and beautiful phrases.

To be so eloquent... !