Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Try this (for one day... one hour... ten minutes?):

Label nothing. Name nothing. When something happens, resist the temptation to call it good or bad. There is just unfolding, that is all. Like a child, find every moment, every "event," every NOW as a magic, wonderous reality - because that is what it is. Be open. Take it all in. To do this you have to stop thinking about things in the future or reliving a past moment. You have to be intensely present.

Then suddenly the world becomes alive. There is no longer individual "things" in a space, nor individual moments... then eventually not even "you." There is just this.

"Awakened, the one great truth:
Black rain on the temple roof."
- Dogen -


Jon said...

Not good life or bad life, but just life. (And that's good!)

"James" said...

Yes, we are neither better nor worse then anyone or anything else. We are all apart of the One.

As I often say, we are Infinite Consciousness experiencing itself it all it's glory, beauty and diversity.