Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Week Poem

I think I've posted this before, but being that it's Holy Week and all (the week leading up to Easter), I thought I'd repost it. The poem was originally written in a Creative Writing class in college but I've also converted it into a song called "Drapery" that we play in all our live sets. I generally have no interest in writing music with an overtly Christian theme, but I really like how this turned out and what it says about humanity.

Clouds statue themselves and argue with the sky
While beneath his own drapery,
Bright eyed and welcomed,
They usher him in with waving

Upon the back of the humble he rides
While liquid cheers from the crowd
Prove how fickle the human
Heart can be.

Their praise is the strong horse
That draws his chariot to glory
But before long…

Mud splashes about upon
All those who cry.
While reaching for answers,
A touch of elixir,
To crack open beauty
And take us in…

They put three in on a Friday
Only to take away three
And end eternity.
And Dracula claims his prize
Only to discover that
what had been given
is now taken.

1 comment:

gratefulbear said...

Beautiful, Trev. May you have a blessed Good Friday and Easter ~