Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On Its Way

The Great and Powerful Amazon.com has shipped "Out of Your Mind: Essential Listening From the Alan Watts Audio Archives."

It should arrive today.

That's right: 12 CDs, 14.5 hours. This should provide plenty of commute / mowing / cleaning-the-house audio for the next month or so.


Amy Harden said...

Yay! I can hardly contain my excitement... has your copy of "the Doodlebops" disc come in yet?

Trev Diesel said...

Ixnay on the Oodlebopsday.

And no it hasn't. ;)

Andrew said...

Cool! Make sure you post about the highlights.

(Do I detect something less than boundless enthusiasm on your wife's part?)


Trev Diesel said...

Haha, yeah, she just loves all this (in her words) "buddhist new age shit."

I'll post some highlights.

Andrew said...

Thanks. I loves me some Buddhist new age shit.

gratefulbear said...

Alan Watts did occasionally dip into Zen, but he was mostly about Taoism. (Zen, of course, comes from the marriage of Taoism and Buddhism.) So technically this set of CD's would be "Taoist new age shit."

My only concern is that you might be listening to this while driving. 14.5 hours of Alan Watts lectures = about 3 good mushroom trips.

Trev Diesel said...

Hahah, yup, that'd be more acurate. Actually, she doesn't refer to this cd series SPECIFICALLY as B.N.A.S., but rather any spirituality that I'm reading about or listening to or practicing with an "Eastern" flair.

Thanks for the psychadelic warning. :)

isaiah said...

Some one mention 'shrooms!