Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Paradoxical "Softer Side" of Diesel

Due to my wife's constant commenting on how I take myself too seriously, I have decided to create a supplemental blog entitled "...on the other hand." I will continue to use this blog (The Sound of Diesel Musing) to share thoughts and reflections on spirituality, sadhana, and yoga. But if you're looking for some "light reading" and aren't afraid of being offended by the more darkly humorous side of my life, then check out "...on the other hand."

And if you don't think humor has a place in the life of of a sadhak or yogi, see the stories of Krshna's playfulness, Hanuman teasing the saints in the forest, or just open your eyes to the comedy of God that is all around and within us. Cheerio!

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jaxun said...

Good for you, old bean. Our sense of humor is perhaps one of the most useful spiritual tools with which God has blessed us. Without it, we would all wither from the challenges inherent in Being Here. Thank God for the balance.

I shall eagerly add your new space to my reading list! Lord knows I need a good chuckle these days.