Tuesday, February 08, 2005

40 Days Sans

I've never been one to give up something for Lent, but this year I've decided that its something I need to do.

Starting tomorrow until March 27th I'm giving up books. Not every book - I still plan on studying my Anatomy for Hatha Yoga for example - but I'm swearing off any spiritual and religious readings and scriptures until after Easter.

I'm realizing that I am becoming a slave to them... somehow believing that I'm having valid spiritual experiences by reading someone else's words rather than actually experiencing these truths myself. I am (in Montaigne's words) "overwatering the plant." While, Jnana Yoga is the path to God through WISDOM and it indeed takes knowledge FIRST to become Wisdom, one can very easily stop at Knowledge. This is what I have done. I keep accumulating books and thoughts and concepts but very rarely actualize these truths in my life.

I have started a private journal to record my own experiences and to reflect on my sadhana (spiritual practice). I may share some of my entries in the future, but I cannot promise anything for the minute I have an audience, I know that my writing changes (if even slightly). The ego is a wiley bastard.

I'm writing this post publicly not for praise but because I want to have my intentions "out there" that I might have some accountability.


Jon said...

Trev, it's good to hear from you again. God bless you on your Lenten fast.

kev said...

at the same time i will be "keeping an eye on you" (haha), i also hope to make you feel free to alter your path along the way if you feel it's the right thing to do. the journal, in my opinion, you'll want to keep doing after you've begun.

Amy Harden said...

Yea! I get my husband back from his book reading solitary confinement! Does this mean you can start being a little less serious for once? I like the funny side of you too, I just wish your "viewers" could be privy to the funny Trev I love so dearly. OK. Here is my Lent "give up": Sweets and changing poopy diapers. This means that I will no longer be indulging in cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, soda, candy, or cleaning up our daughter's total ass explosions. You read it here first. Starting tomorrow, the diapers are all yours daddy Trev. Happy Lent!

isaiah said...

I hear ya, Trev...I know what you mean. You voice something I believe we all should consider.... actualizing knoweldge instead of simply digesting it.

Don't give up your writing here, Trev. I honestly enjoy and respect your insight, opinions, and comments...and let's face it, we are partly human and therefore have egos (there's this great book on writing and the ego called....)

Journaling is a great idea and I know you'll enjoy it...but, don't forgo your presence here. It's welcomed by your 'viewers';it's respected, and admired...because you, too, remind us that we are all spiritual beings on a human journey...and that we all have something worthwhile to say.

I enjoy the freedom of writing under another identity for my blog and so far, I've stayed somewhat anonymous (not that I ever wanted or thought I would have a huge amount of people viewing my blog.) I have another site on the web where I write even more openly and free...and it helps complete and heal this 'me' that plays a bit- part on such an incredibly tiny stage. "All the world is a stage...and God is the only audience."

Looking forward to your honest thoughts here at your blog and holding you in the Light of Love and Peace.

Miss Wired said...

What you're doing is similar to stepping back and regaining perspective. We need a break from ingesting knowledge to let it sink in, so that we can actually use it.

I'm being bad and not giving up anything for Lent.

Trev Diesel said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ya'll.

Isaiah, I do intend on keeping up this blog. I just meant I may not share everything that is in the journal. Namaste and thank YOU for your input and wisdom.

Meredith said...

I, too, appreciate this blog of yours, very much and am happy you will continue. I understand your desire to refocus. It is also true for me that it is in my experience that I have come to really know God, not in reading about what others say, even the scriptures.

But having said that, I would also say that honest spiritual friendship has been extremely nourishing to my spiritual journey. Reflecting on queries and sharing my thoughts and feelings with Akilesh and others has been so helpful to me. Akilesh and I have both been amazed at the fruitfulness of spiritual friendship in deepening our experience. Sharing through these blogs expands this friendship in ever widening circles.

This sharing is truly a gift. I thank you for who you are and what you share here.
Your friend,