Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Who'd have thought - here in little 'ol Indiana - we'd have one of the world's most innovative communities.

This place is freaking sweet. Coffee Creek Center. Here are a few bits of cool info from their website:

  • Streets and buildings designed for pedestrians make walking enjoyable, while bicycle routes are an integral part of street and landscape design.
  • Coffee Creek Center seeks to reverse the trend towards sprawl by concentrating development to create vital population density, and sets aside high quality natural area as community resources.
  • Buildings at Coffee Creek Center use advanced materials, equipment, orientation, daylighting design and energy analysis techniques to minimize the use of energy.
  • Building to minimize the use of non-renewable resources, encourage reuse and recycling of materials and use sustainably-harvested materials wherever practical.
  • Unbuilt areas are being restored to a pre-settlement landscape to minimize soil erosion and rebuild soil integrity, re-establish native plant and animal communities and encourage increased biological diversity.

My God! It sounds like heaven! I've gotta go check this place out.


Amy Harden said...

Just find a job there and I'll move with you....

Jon said...

Hey, Trev,

What a wonderful sight, hopefully a sign of things to come. I have a friend who's an environmental planner in Maryland, she told me that this church was a trend-setter for eco-friendly settlement in a rural area.

Maybe we're starting to learn something after all!


Trev Diesel said...


Cedar Ridge - heck yeah, that's Brian McLaren's church. He's one of the "leaders" of the Postmodern/Emergent Church movement (check out some of his books).

Miss Wired said...

I wanna live there! Except in Australia!