Friday, July 30, 2004

A Brain, A Body, and Lots of Speculation

The brain does funny things sometimes.

Yesterday, I was driving to work and for no reason at all KRANG, the arch-nemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, popped into my mind. Why? I ... don't ... know!

Speculation on why this came a-bubblin' up:

a.) I wish I were a little bit taller... (I wish I were a balle...ah...nevermind)

b.) I'm subconsciously desiring to be bald

c.) I like the idea of having a more centrally located brain

d.) In a way, Krang is like a pregnant woman with a "little person" in its stomach

e.) ???? Leave me some comments with some more of your ideas... (be creative :) )

1 comment:

kev said...

e) The inner "you", that angst-driven force that helps produce some of your finest works and at that you simulataneously try to destroy and exploit, is struggling to bring out a new idea; albeit against the better interest of a tactful outcome.

f) Your youth is striving to be remembered, because it's what got you to adulthood.

g) Along the same lines as "f", your mind is going through its memory banks, weeding out what child X will possibly experience and putting up decisions for you on what input will be acceptable as X takes on the world under your and Amy's wings.

h) Acid flashback?

i) A typical American would dwell on this and start a conversation about it at a local bar to see where it leads - say Chumley's at 7:00 tonight? ;)