Tuesday, July 27, 2004

She's Ready to Pop!

A month or less until baby X arrives. We bought a bookshelf and hanging shelf for her room last night. The space is really coming together and its starting to be really exciting to hang out in that room. Amy looks like she could give birth at any minute... we definately hope it's sooner than later.

In yoga practice, am making great strides in Paschimottonasana. I remember just a few years ago in college when they asked me to do the "Sit and Reach" during the Fitness Test and I couldn't even reach the "slide", let alone push it any amount of distance. I've sat and stood incorrectly for years and years and have really allowed my back, butt, and hamstrings to atrophy. But I'm starting to see some definate progress and realignment.

Read a report yesterday about the dangers and cons of caffine. I considered for a minute giving up coffee.

...Hahahah.... yeah, right.


Erin said...

I've been thinking about getting into Yoga...I can relate to that whole sitting and standing the wrong way for years...we must chat. See you and Amy Sunday in church. :)

Anonymous said...

i wanna get into yoga too! :)