Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Aggravating Advertisers - Part I

There has been a new trend as of late that "boils my water" faster than about anything.

I'm not a big fan of advertisers in the first place.  It's fine to get your name out and let people know you're there, but when you turn from THAT into making people believe that they need what you have - well that's just absurd and greedy.  If people want what you're offering, they'll search you out.  Anyway, my point...

There is nothing in this world more aggravating than the new trend of full-length, corporate commercials that you are forced to watch before the movie begins in the theater.  This has not always been the case!  Sure, there have always been the "slides" before the movie begins that advertise local businesses, but these new PRE-MOVIE "Body Spray" and "Mountain Dew" TV commercials are a recent phenomenon.  

The aggrivating part is that you have no choice but to watch.  It is literally corporate rape.  The lights come down, you think the movie is beginning, and they force-feed you deoderant and soft-drink ads.  It reminds me of "A Clockwork Orange" when they force the main character's eyes open and make him watch propaganda.

And just as I wrote that last paragraph I typed "Stop Movie Advertisements" into the search engine and found this:
Please check it out and join the anti-movie-ad protest revolution.  You know you want to.  There will, of course, be a $20 joining fee to join the revolution as I need a bigger house.


kev said...
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kev said...

no doubt dude. so i think we should tell the theatre dudes that we won't buy anything they advertise before a movie starts, plus we talk a lot and very loud during the visual rape session. how does social change occur? when more people want it than those who don't.

oooo, part one .... of a series?