Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A Movie Kind of Weekend

Within a day and a half (spanning Sunday Night until Monday afternoon) I watched three flicks that I've been dying to see.

1.) The Fisher King - 80's movie that is a retelling of the Fisher King myth in a modern American setting. Excellent story - I love mythology and it had "The Dude" in it to boot.

2.) Requiem for a Dream - This movie seriously screwed me up. I paced around my house for an hour afterwards. You'll never look at drugs the same. You'll never look at addiction the same. You'll never look at srippers/hookers the same. This movie does to drugs what "Unfaithful" did to adultry. Good Lord...

3.) Donnie Darko - I've heard about this flick for a while now and am so glad I saw it. Fantastic film about fate, messages from God, time travel... all set in a humorous and enchanting setting. I still can't put 2 and 2 together and figure out what exactly happened (or how/why it ended that way). I intend to watch the movie again with the director commentary on to catch all the foreshadowing, metaphors, and overall plot.

As it turns out, the levels of depth in Donnie Darko are so deep that there are websites and books to help figure out what it all means. You can take it at its surface level, but the symbolism and overtones are endless. If you've seen the movie already, check this out. (If not, don't spoil it for yourself)


Erin said...

I want ot see Donnie Darko! Lemme know when you're planning on viewing it again and I can have that as an excuse to hang out with you and your adorably pregnant wife. (who's due to pop anytime now, right?)

Anonymous said...

(this is allison speaking)
i watched donnie darko, and at first, after watching it, was quite messed up, because i could NOT understand what the freaking POINT WAS. but after talking with aaron about it, i felt better. i didn't realize everything that was going on. the more i thought about it, the more things made sense. i want to watch it again sometime too, with commentary, to piece things together even more. it was quite interesting, and very thought-provoking. and can i just say that this whole comment sounds like a third-grader's book report or something???!! geesh. :)