Friday, July 09, 2004

Quiet after the Storm

It is indeed funny how stressed we allow ourselves to get. Last night, I found myself in a tangle of engagements, meetings, and tasks and didn't allow myself full energy or attention to any one of them. The result was pent up stress from overstretching myself. Then as I was driving to my friend Andrew's house, I realized that everything eventually returns to its source. All things flare up, change, evolve, etc., and then eventually - but always - return to a state of neutrality and peace. And so now I find myself in that place.

Exactly 50 days and counting until the birth of ....... you didn't think I was going to give the name away that easily did you? Amy and I HAVE decided the name for our new baby girl, due August 28th, but choose not to "release" it at this time. We're excited as hell, however, and I intend to start her own BLOG after birth so that all ya'll can keep up on the latest and greatest in diaper drenching and regurgitations.

In yoga practice, I've been slowly learning the balance and strength necessary to get into Vrischikasana (or Scorpian Pose - SEE PHOTO BELOW). It's a challenge, for sure - and actually helps me deal with fear as I find myself a minor adjustment away from slamming my face into the floor.

...and then it all returns to the source.

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