Friday, August 27, 2004

Countdown to D-Day

Tommorrow is Amy's Due Date. Doctor says she's been ripe for a few weeks... can literally be any time.

In the meantime, poor Amy is growing uncomfortable, impatient, and ready to get this going. It's a strange situation indeed, literally just sitting around waiting for this to happen.

Doctor says that she could possibly induce at the start of the week if it doesn't happen this weekend, so I guess there's definately an end (or beginning) in sight.


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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how impatient poor Amy is. I'm impatient and I'm not even due until December! Your little girl will come, and she will be beautiful and great. I'm so excited for you guys! We would love to come see her whenever we get a chance. Good luck, and I pray labor comes sooner rather than later!

Much love,