Friday, August 13, 2004

Drained and Uninspired

I'm beginning to realize that a large part of my personal suffering is the fact that I put too much of an emphasis on DOING and not enough on BEING.

I think this is what the majority of the world's sacred writings mean when they say (in essence): "Just do your duty. Don't worry about the results. Don't fret over what fruit may bear. Just do your duty."

In other words: Do your work and do it well. But don't put so much stock in it and by all means don't identify yourself with what you "do." Then, when your duty is complete, put your "doing" aside and don't dwell on it or let it roll around in your mind. You then have the time and energy to simply "BE." "Being" is about enjoyment of life (no matter what present circumstances prevail), character development, identification with the eternal, and serenity.

Yeah. I need that.


Anonymous said...

i needed to hear that today...thank you. :)
take care!

Anonymous said...

dang it, it was me, allison. i'm not a blogger anymore. hehe.