Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Trev's Reflections of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now":

The cause of all unhappiness and suffering in life is wishing things were different than the way they currently are.

In all situations you basically have two options. Change the situation. Or accept it as it is. What is NOT an option is being in a situation but mentally "not accepting" it by internally resisting it, grumbling, wishing things were different, being fearful that something might change ... all of which is internal "mind-stuff" that is ONLY real in your head.

Don't like the feelings of worry, anger, regret ... ? You don't have to deal with them. Simply accept your current reality as it is.

In the present moment, if you strip away your negative thinking, you have no problems. You are at peace - living in joy and with a "lightness." All of one's "problems" are basically false situations brought on by one's mind. You're either imagining and rehearsing some future event that is not reality or reliving something from the past that cannot be changed.

Right now is all you have. Enjoy the privledge of experience and Being.


Erin said...

I really needed to read that today. It helped my heart to move forward. Thank you. :)

jaxun said...

And now back to our local access programming, "Chopping Wood and Carrying Water"... -j

Jon said...

Tolle rocks. What can I say?