Monday, February 19, 2007

Waltz for Venus

Friday night I went to the Waltz for Venus show in Lafayette. WFV includes 2 of my old high school friends and has become the single best local band around.

Anyway, I just want you to swing by their Myspace page and listen to the tracks from their new, yet-to-be-released EP. All kidding aside, I think "Suspicion Will Destroy Us" could rule Pop/Rock radio if anyone ever picks it up.

And, just for good measure, here's a silly pic from Friday night of myself (doing the Zoolander face) and Jay - their lead singer - and a box of Nerds.


Celeste said...

They're great to hear some music that's not artificially created in the studio sung by talking heads. Waltz for Venus has real talent!

Celeste said...

Personally, I want to hear a resurgence of the electric guitar solo in music. Where did that go? Am I the only one who misses it?

Saw Justin Timberlake on SNL this weekend. While talented, I just had to shake my head at his performance.. he *was* actually singing, but over a soundtrack of his own voice. And anyone can do a repetitious "unh" sound.

We need more musicianship!

(rummaging) Where's my Santana album?

Jon said...

"Zoolander face?" It looks more like a Bob Dylan face to me!

Trev Diesel said...

Thanks Celeste! Ya, there's quite a resurgence of folk-y music, which is great, but electric guitar is not really "in" in some circles right now.

Jon - I actually get that a LOT... the whole Bob Dylan thing - from people. In fact someone gave me a picture of him as a 20-something and the resemblance was SCARY.

isaiah said...

Yeah- got that Bob thing going on.

Celeste...I agree, the guitar has taken a back seat for mainstream...but listen to some Avenged SevenFold (my son turned me on to this band) for some smokin' new guitar licks.

AND, Eddie Van Halen will have a chance to wow us all again as Van Halen is reforming with Diamond Dave as front man again.

Randy Rhodes (Ozzy's lead guitarist who died in the early 80's) David Gilmour, and for a Zen-like guitar sound try RUSH's Alex Lifeson, Stevie Ray Vaughn (what a guitarist!! I'm missing so many guitarists here- who are your favorites) come to mind as inspirations..I know I'll think of 20 more as soon as I post this.

WFV is a very good band- very polished. I've heard so many lesser bands on the radio... these guys deserve the chance to bring about more inspiration with a national release. Best to them.