Friday, February 16, 2007


I've struggled with deciding whether or not to make this a public recommendation**.

I've been blessed to start a new adventurous outlook on life - all summed up in a crazy, amazing book called "Pronoia" by Rob Brezsny.

Pronoia is the OPPOSITE of paranoia. Paranoia, of course, is thinking that the world is awful and out to get you. Pronoia is experiencing the universe as conspiring to shower you with blessings. This book is a call to see the world as good, to see evil as boring, to be a kick-ass bearer of divine love, to be a creator of beauty wherever you are.

Brezsny's huge workbook sized Pronoia is NOT a New Age-y, feel good, kittens and bubbles kind of book. This is a book you will need to take off of your coffee table when reading-age kids and conservative-types are likely to pick it up. It's raw, unashamed and even raunchy - but overflowing with truth, beauty and love. **If you (1) offend easily or have any aversion to (2) alternative expressions of spirituality or (3) ecstasy and joy, please don't bother. If, however, you're tired of doom-and-gloom news, mindless entertainment, and negative worldviews, please do yourself a favor and give Pronoia a chance.

Part of me wishes the writer would've toned things down a bit for the average reader. As one reviewer said on Amazon, "
I don't always agree (or necessarily understand) every last suggestion in the book--some of it is really out there--but the more important thing is that it's all done in good spirits, and it sends you off thinking about what you can come up with on your own to make life a little bit better." Brezsny is simply trying to crack us open to see all of life - the profound and the profane - the outrageous and the ordinary - as very special, as exciting, as beautiful and electric with love.

Tommy, Jon, Andrew, Julie, Kevin(s), Darrell, Celeste... I'm calling you guys out in particular. Let me know if you get this and what you think!


Celeste said...

He's got a newsletter too that people can subscribe to, if anyone wants to see if they like his writing. My friend BR forwards them to me periodically. He is a TRIP! Often his writing lifts me up out of a funk and puts a smile on my face.

Hey Trev, I just posted a second online source for New Orleans music over the internet, with several shows to choose from. My DH gave me a wirelesss speaker setup that I can hook onto my computer, so I can listen to online radio feeds with real speakers and throughout the house. It's GRRRRRRrrreat!

(Mardi Gras is Tuesday. Wish I could be there.)

Miss Wired said...

Ha! I knew there must be a word for it! :D

anonymous julie said...

Trev, for $20 I'm willing to give it a shot... or at least see if the library has it!

Andrew said...


I'll check it out, because there seems to be some kind of synchronicity going on--I've been reading a book about the psychology of happiness, and wondering about how to integrate some of the author's insights into my life in a way that feels natural to me. Thanks for the recommendation.

(Also, our washing machine just conked out mid-load, and I'd be curious to find out just how the universe is conspiring to shower me with blessings through that particular occurrence...)


Tommy said...

OK, Ordered the book- should be here soon.

Thanks for the inspiration.

anonymous julie said...

And what Andrew said, save the part about the washing machine.

Andrew - maybe "shower" is more functional than imagerical (is that even a word?) this time? ;-)

isaiah said...

testing (sorry)

isaiah said...

sorry again (delete these, will ya)

Andrew said...


Actually, the washing machine seems to have healed itself. So I guess that turned out to be a pretty straightforward blessing.

Jon said...

I ordered it last night.