Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Garbage = Energy

Remember in Back to the Future when they used the "Mr. Fusion" to power the DeLorean with their trash?

It turns out Purdue University (which happens to be a 7-minute drive from my home) has developed such a machine. It'll be used in the military first, then hopefully downsized (it's huge currently) and used for normal civilian usage... say, in automobiles?

Check it out... very cool!


anonymous julie said...

I wonder how the pollution level is - nonetheless, I'd rather burn trash than bury it. One of the downsides of ceramics is that it takes a lot of fuel to heat stuff to 2400 degrees - I admire a woman who has a wood-fired kiln and gets her fuel from construction sites. Not just free, but also saves garbage from landfills.

Becca said...

Wow, a real Mr. Fusion.

My initial thought when I see that picture from BTTF is I liked the original Jennifer so much better than Elizabeth Shue. I know, not nearly as important as garbage as fuel, but that's how my mind works:)