Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm a gadget freak!

In order to get organized and to combine a phone and PDA into one unit, I've been considering a Smartphone. And after EXTENSIVE (I mean LOTS of time) researching which one would be right for ME (yes, everyone has their own opinions and insights), I believe I've decided on...

Sprint's PPC-6700 features "a spacious QWERTY keyboard, three forms of wireless (EV-DO, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth), and Windows Mobile 5." It's a little "blocky," but its many features outweigh it's shape limitations (besides, I never carry my phone in my pocket anyway). And all of this is with a data plan that's only $15 a month added onto my voice plan ... compare that to Verizon/Cingular's $40 a month!

Ya, that's right... email and web on the go... and even when I can't get a signal, I can tap into a WiFi for highspeed access. Rock!

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