Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dialogue from "I (Heart) Huckabees"

Did you get it?

Yeah, you stop thinking

Yes. It's fantastic.

It's like I'm here, but I'm not...

So, I'm not here. It-It's just...

I... I... I don't know. Do it one more time.

It's like I'm a rock or a dish of mold.

I'm whatever else is around. So I'm free to just exist.

This is the answer. We just have to be this all day, every day.

That's the answer.


Do it again. Do it again.


Careful, my young students... you cannot stay in this state all day.

Why not?
- Yeah, why not?

It is inevitable that you are drawn back into human drama.

Desire, suffering... everything that exists in this imperfect world.

- Shit.
- So we get drawn back into human drama...

and how important we think that is.

Then we do crazy stuff. We have to go back to the ball...

so we can get the freedom of being like a... like a dish of mold.

Yes. And then back to the drama, the suffering.

- It's kind of a crappy deal.
- C'est exactement Ca.

An absurd theatrical we must play out, back and forth... from pure being to human suffering.

But isn't the drama and suffering less if we do the ball thing every day?

Don't call it "the ball thing." Call it "pure being."

Doesn't the pure being, ball thing make the day-to-day suffering easier?

- Yeah.
- Or, it doesn't.

You're wrong. We're gonna do this every day.

-We'll show you. It'll make it easier.
- I'll prove it to you

Human drama is inevitable. Suffering cannot be diminished. You cannot escape, Tommy.

You'll see. Existence is a cruel joke.. that entices in a form of desire.

- Absurd theater of desire.
- I know, buddy, it hurts. It's painful.

- Wait here.
- Where you goin'

To meditate on desire and suffering.

Can I come?



gratefulbear said...

The only thing wrong with I (Heart) Huckabees is that Mark kept his shirt on the whole time.

frimmin said...

Thanks for reminding me of how much I love this movie! It's the comic counterpart to Peaceful Warrior.

Kozi Wolf said...

that part was so much better on a blog than when i watched it. i think i was crunching on something tasty at that part? cause it seems so much clearer now.