Friday, November 10, 2006

Attention Writers

This came across my email yesterday and I thought I'd pass it along to all of you. It's from Integral Institute - which is based around Ken Wilber's work. I challenge you guys to submit something - whether that be an article or even an old blog post that you rework into a short piece. Think about it!

The Integralist is the first-ever print magazine from Integral Institute scheduled to launch in early 2007. It is dedicated to exploring the leading edge of thought, analysis, spirituality, and more. The magazine will feature detailed articles and reviews covering a wide variety of topics, such as the following:
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Current Events
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • Spirituality
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Sustainability
  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Book and Music Reviews
We are currently seeking integrally-informed writers and artists to submit their work, in articles as long as 1,500 words, for consideration by December 8, 2006. The Integralist is a professional magazine and will pay contributors between $250 and $500 a submission on average.

The Integralist will only consider the most well-written ideas and analyses. The challenge is to bring the insights of Integral theory to bear on the living world around us, helping us to better recognize, analyze, and ultimately solve many of the conflicts and miscommunications in the world today.

If you would like to learn more about what we are looking for, and how to submit your own work, please go to


Keith Martin-Smith
The Integralist

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