Monday, November 20, 2006

Beer Advocate (and a couple mini-reviews)

After trying a few new beers the other night (see below), I jumped online to see if I could find anyone's reviews. I found this really great site: the Beer Advocate. It's a great site for rating beers and reading up on beer styles, basics and much more. Be sure to check it.

Anyway, the other night, BIL and I (brother-in-law, that is) headed to Chumleys in downtown Lafayette. We tried...

1.) Young's Double Chocolate Stout - Wow, beer and chocolate in one creamy mouthful! Could life get any better? I really, really enjoyed this. Now if I could only find someone locally that carries it in take-home packaging (See BA's reviews by clicking here).

2.) EKU 28, which, in its brewing process, is dropped to below the freezing level of water and some of the ice is then extracted ... making it an 11% ABV beer which is a bit syrup-y and majorly intense - although quite tasty and "warming." BIL said it was like the Nyquil of beers. Definately one that you sip on over a period of time instead of glugging through. (See BA's reviews by clicking here).


gratefulbear said...

My favorite is a Belgian-style ale called Three Philosophers. (Which three are not specified.)

frimmin said...

I just discovered Blue Moon. It puts everything else to shame.