Friday, November 12, 2004

A Salute to Sam

Let's just take a moment to pause and give thanks for Samuel Adams OCTOBERFEST beer.

Sam, I salute you for making such a yummy blend of Autumny goodness. I thank you for making it a "seasonal" beer and making me wait for it. It's so worth the wait. And finally, thank you to Kevin for introducing me to the bottled glory that is OCTOBERFEST.

My autumnal equinox is complete.

1 comment:

Amy Harden said...

I'm still pissed that, I, The kick butt wife who bought you the very last 6 pack of Octoberfest beer in Lafayette, Without you asking I might add, didn't even get a slight nod in this entry. AND I brought home a fifth of Jack Daniels to boot! Am I the only one that thinks that this act of service deserves at the very least a "my wife rocks" comment. Apparently you didn't think so. I'm telling you Mister, some serious sucking up is in order if you ever want me to surprise you with your favorite beer again!! Do I need to remind you that I put a pack of Corona's in your Easter Basket this past year? Who does that really? I'll tell you, her name is Amy Pierce Harden, and she sleeps to your right every night of the year.DAMN.