Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dream Job

I've recently asked myself the question: "If I could do anything for a job regardless of what it would cost or entail, what would it be?" And after thinking quite a while, I think this is what I would choose:

I would love to run a retreat center. People would pay for a weekend stay to get away from the rigors of modern life - to have time to reflect, recreate, and relax. The center would be situated on a very large wooded lot, with 5-6 buildings spread out across the acerage for different purposes. Perhaps the people would even sleep in yurts (dome-shaped tents with a see-through roof).

On the Friday-night-through-Sunday-afternoon retreat, participants would be lead through various experiences based on the "style" of the retreat. Some weekends would be yoga retreats, some art retreats, some general relaxation retreats, spiritual/contemplative retreats, etc. All meals would be provided by us, so all of their needs are taken care of. Some of the amenities could be a fire ring, hottub(s), indoor and outdoor lounges, yoga rooms, meditation rooms, a chapel... and of course the natural surroundings.

I can just imagine the reward of seeing people after a 3-day retreat... fully de-stressed, refreshed, perhaps even more spiritually aware. How incredible would that be...


Amy Harden said...

Ahh, the dreams of a hippie. I love that you still dream big, the dream may have changed, but you still dream big.

kev said...

pretty interesting, considering that's exactly what jen and i envision our woods being used for in the future. wow, trevor as an underling employee of mine - oh, the possibilities.... :)

Meredith said...

Here is the place you have just described:


It is in Oregon, and it is a beautiful, spiritual place, resplendant with a river, mountains, hot springs, yurts, organic meals, yoga, meditation, hiking, and a variety of cool programs. Check it out...