Thursday, November 04, 2004

Last Post on Politics

This will be my last post on our political situation.... due in part to my wife's very wise and mature words HERE.

I simply wanted to say that after a 2 hour conversation with my mother - an enthusiastic Bush supporter - I am beginning to see where such people are coming from. I do not agree with them on many, many levels, but it is no longer as inconcevable as I once arrogantly thought.

Perhaps as in the wisdom of my wife's blog post, we can indeed cease the belief that we've got it all figured out. Each side needs to loosen its grip just enough to have conversation. I know I most certainly benefited from it tonight.

This article helped as well. Read it any time you get worked up about the state of affairs in politics.

Consider the subject exhausted on "The Sound of Diesel Musing."

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Dan Price said...
there you go man!