Thursday, November 04, 2004

An Apology to the World

Dear Citizens of the Global Community,

I cannot express enough to you how sorry I am that we failed you.

I'm ashamed that our country is becoming the textbook example of Empire and that we have willingly reelected the Emperor. I apologize that our leadership feels that they don't need to listen to you and has the unapologetic right to bully you when they see fit. It is regretful that those who are supposed to represent us have put agenda over allies and ostentation over unity.

I'm embarrassed we let moral fear dictate our decisions... fear of homosexuals... fear of Muslims... fear of being wrong. I'm remorseful that the people of our country think that "being moral" means 'no gay marriage' and 'being pro-life' rather than heralding the eternal moral truths of justice, mercy, compassion, love and peace. I'm also deeply regretful that you have been led to believe that our nation's recent actions in the global community are the extensions of Christian values from a Christian nation. Please don't judge the path of Jesus by our deeds.

Today, I'm telling you "I'm sorry" because apparently no one in our administration is willing to do so. Perhaps the occasional apology or admittance of error from the US leadership would ease the tension, open channels of dialogue, and promote unity between our countries... but they unfortunately don't see the need to do so.

Please forgive us. Know that the administration does not represent our citizens as a whole. Try your best to be patient with us until we learn the values of humility and restraint.

May God show mercy to your countries and to ours.

Trevor Harden


Peter & Cindi said...

Sorry Trev, but I don't agree with you. If the administration does not represent the citizens as a whole, then why did Bush also win the popular vote? I also feel that Jesus would not condone killing innocent babies. I voted for Bush because I feel this country really needs a Christian leader and even though I don't agree with everything Bush represents, I feel he will do a better job than Kerry would have.

Amy Harden said...


Amy Harden said...

Amen to trevor's letter, not to mom's comment

Trev Diesel said...

That's cool... we don't have to agree. That's the beauty of our nation.

And while I agree with you that Jesus would probably not condone the killing of innocent babies I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't condone the killing of 100,000 Iraqi innocent civilians either.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not sure Kerry would've been much better, I guess more than anything I just want the administration to show some humility. There have been no apologies about WMDs, Iraq, or any other errors. They need to learn how to admit errors for the lack of doing so makes them appear arrogant and bullheaded.

dave said...

Amen, amen.
On the discussion about Jesus condoning abortion:
1) the pro-life appraoch to legislation would not stop the killing of the unborn, it would just put twice as many people (mostly poor people) at risk.
2) Jesus never proposed legislating morality, instead he proposed changing the hearts and minds of people and reaching out to help our fellow humans, so I would argue that his approach would be to find ways to provied alternatives to abortion and supports to those women who feel like they have no other viable option. Either christians don't know this, or don't care enough about their faith or their neighbors to do anything with it.
3) President Bush has done anything but act morally in his time as president so far, how he can run on that ticket is almost as amazing to me as the fact that people elected him on it. (eliminating health care and jobs for the working poor -taking food and medicine from children. As a social worker in an urban setting I see the results of bush's "morality" every day)
So, again I say amen. Hopefully we'll learn something.

Buford said...

If only those of us that felt the same as you could wisper this apology into the ears of all those souls that our government holds under their thumb.

Most would forgive us.

One more thing,to those of you who say that abortion is murder yet still support the war. Please remember war and murder go hand and hand.
Whats the difference.