Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unbelievable / "3"

I'm not sure how it happened this fast, by my little girl started school this week. Yes, it is preschool, but it's still school.

On a related note, she turns a big "3" this weekend. Happy Birthday, Kalliopi!


Jeff Greathouse said...

Happy B-Day Kali ..

Look at the Pic ... good to "see both of you"

I hope all in the family are doing well. Any news about Monday ??

Jeff Greathouse said...

that was a messed up comment; sorry about that :)

Craig LaSuer said...

Wonderful picture!

Celeste said...

How did she like her first day at school?

Celeste said...

LOL go to Kalli's blog to see how Daddy teaches her to jump on furniture! 8-)

Kalli's gonna get you later for posting her baby pictures online where her later beaus can see them! LOL

I wish I had that much energy.