Friday, August 03, 2007

Some Lightness For Your Weekend: "Speaking Of Music..."

Speaking of music...

Once again, I'm catching the tailwind of internet fads/memes, but for those of you not blessed to experience this, here we go.

It's called "Chocolate Rain" - but I think you'll pick up on that after hearing him say it 4,000 times. Watching this creates the strangest internal dialog that is some combination of the following:

-"this is funny"
-"this is sad"
-"what the eff is this?"
-"whoa, this is kinda catchy"
-"how is that voice coming from that head"
-"is that James Earl Jones?"
-"is that Janet Jackson?"
-"what the hell is chocolate rain?"
-"i think he's singing about something serious"
-"isn't that the MegaMan theme song on the keyboard?"
-"why can't I stop watching this?"
-"why can't I sleep at night without this song invading my brain"
-"please, God, make it stop"

Watch it. I dare you to go the whole 5 minutes.

And then, to make things more funny, endless people have done parodies:

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Jon said...

I can never get those minutes of my life back, Trev.

You are not my friend.