Monday, August 06, 2007

Home Brewing: Part III

After several weeks of waiting for my first home brewed beer to age properly, here we go:

Scotch Ale ("Wee Heavy") in a "thistle" tulip glass

Appearance: Pours a 2 finger-width head which reduces down to a very thin lacing. The color is deep brown with a copper tint.

Aroma: Spicy sweet molasses, cherry, chocolate, plumbs, and alcohol.

Taste and Mouthfeel: Bold flavors of bitter coffee, dark chocolate, tobacco and caramel with the cherry returning in the finish. Mouthfeel is soapy and slick, with a slight buzzy carbonation. There's a good blend here of the bitterness from the hops and and that overarching "scotch ale" sweetness.

Notes: There was an initial "sourness" that decreased as the beer aged. The first bottle I opened made me think the lot was ruined, but as the weeks rolled by each bottle got smoother and sweeter. The drinkability is high as it is not so heavy that it can only be enjoyed by the fireplace in the winter, but it still is also not a casual summer beer. A very successful first try - and it's a good thing I like it because I've got about 40 more waiting in the closet.


David said...

heck yeah, man! sounds like a winner. your description made me hungry though, all that cherry and chocolate talk. Now on to the next batch to recoup that initial investment cost :) yay!

anonymous julie said...

As usual, you inspire me to pay more attention to beer!

Celeste said...

I had to read through all that to find out if you liked it! LOL

Yes, they change as they age. Keep drinking it, they start to go downhill too.

Last weekend DH was drinking a beer with cherry tones and we were splitting some chocolate cake. Discovered that the chocolate cake, followed by the beer, made the cherry in the beer really pop on the aftertaste. It was like a cherry bomb. I wonder if that would happen with your beer.

your wife said...

plumbs?... like the stuff under the toilet?

Sounds about right actually.

iamthewhiterabbit said...

Congrats! You're my hero!

Trying any lager?


Trev Diesel said...

thanks ya'll.

Celeste - that sounds awesome.

cat - no, because you have to ferment it and store it in refrigeration and ales are much more do-able for the homebrewer.