Thursday, September 06, 2007


I really enjoyed this video below. At most schools there is a tradition of the students pulling off a class prank. Many times these things are malicious, causing destruction and harm. (A couple of us, for example, in high school wanted to put a live goat in the Library... which never came to fruition, by the by.)

In the clip below, the Junior Class at some high school blocked traffic for some time by walking in a steady stream across the street, running through the underground tunnels and getting back in line. It's quite the humorous display. One can only imagine the frustration of those waiting in their cars to get through.

There ARE stories throughout the world's traditions of God being the Divine Trickster: Krishna as the butter thief, the Native American coyote, etc. I think a healthy amount of mischief is good for the world. It helps us see that our little dramas are mostly superficial (like being stuck in a traffic jam) and since EVERYTHING ends, then NOTHING is to be taken too seriously (sincerly, yes, but not too seriously).

Enjoy "The Junior Prank":


night sky said...

Fun! Thanks.

iamthewhiterabbit said...


Thanks for the morning laugh!

Have a good one!

Celeste said...

I hope I never lose that spirit!

Coincidentally, my mom and DH were talking about school pranks this past weekend! When my mom was in high school, someone posted signs for weeks saying "Beware the Ides of March". Finally, on the appropriate day, the literature teacher's room was filled knee deep in beer cans across the whole room.

In another prank at her school, they filled an unpopular teacher's room a couple inches full of cow manure.

At my DH's school, the band lifted the teacher's two seater convertible up onto the band risers, inside the band room. Another group of kids lifted someone's Volkswagon up onto a delivery loading dock at the school.

Becca said...

funny! although if I was in the car waiting for them, and saw the same people, I might get pissed:) I might say a few swears under my would really depend on my mood and how late I was, because I am perpetually late. But it's fun to watch it happen to other people! hahahahaha!

Jon said...

Lots of fun, and a great song, too!

Part of what was so great was not knowing the prank was in progress when I starting watching. I kept thinking, OK, they're on they're way to the prank, wonder what it's gonna be. Then, of course...!

(Krishna pulled some R-rated pranks,too, BTW!)