Friday, June 08, 2007

One Weekend, Three Big Events

1.) Friday, June 8th - Pink Noise, the Pink Floyd tribute band that I'm part of - has a big show in Lafayette, IN tonight. Sounds like the place is going to be packed out (if everyone shows up that said they would). Should be a blast.

2.) Saturday, June 9th - Amy and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. It's pretty awesome being married to such an amazing woman. We had to celebrate on Wednesday, though, because Saturday, June 9th is also...

3.) My 10-year class reunion.

This weekend is panning out to be lots of fun, but I imagine I'll be pretty pooped come Sunday - good thing I took the weekend off work.


Celeste said...

Happy Anniversary!

Have fun at the show and your reunion. I had a BLAST at my 10 year reunion. The 20th was pretty good too.

anonymous julie said...

What a big weekend! Happy anniversary to both of you, and have fun!