Monday, June 18, 2007


As I've mentioned before, the band I'm in, Waltz for Venus, is in the middle of a national radio campaign. I went to one of the radio station's website and saw their "Top 20" chart and check this out (below). Needless to say I was surprised to see us charted alongside the likes of The White Stripes, Switchfoot and The Killers.

1. Brianstorm ~ Arctic Monkeys
2. Rich Girls Poor Girls ~ Everybody Else
3. Staplegunned (Remix) ~ The Spill Canvis
4. Burn out Bright ~ Switchfoot
5. Dismantle Repair ~ Anberlin
6. Falling Star ~ Jet
7. I Need You ~ Relient K
8. Icky Thump ~ The White Stripes
9. Move Away ~ The Killers
10. We've got a big mess on our hands ~ The Academy Is
11. Breathe In ~ Firescape
12. Life Like Movies ~ Driver Side Impact
13. Missed the Boat ~ Modest Mouse
14. Suspicion Will Destroy Us ~ Waltz for Venus
15. The Bird and the Worm ~ The Used
16. This Better Be Good ~ Fountains of Wayne
17. Everything is Average Nowadays ~ Kaiser Chiefs
18. Stay Awake ~ Low Vs. Diamond
19. My Blue Heaven ~ Taking Back Sunday
20. Youre Not Alone ~ Saosin


z said...

Congrats! That's pretty neat.

Jon said...

Hey, Trev,


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