Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home Brewing (Part II)


Cindi said...

looks nasty Trevor - don't bring any with you next week.

Jon said...

Yeah, not a selling point, brother.

Reminds me (possibly because I just watched it again a few minutes ago) of Pearl in "The Landlord": I NEED TO GET MY DRINK ON! NO, I'M JUST BUZZED! CAN I HAVE 4 BEERS?

Jon said...

But the fact you are willing to taste stuff that comes out of there proves you deserve the Open Mind Blogger Award.

No, seriously, I'm giving it to you because of your beautiful and tolerant spirit, insight, and writing.

You can read more about it on my site or Darrell's, and go to to claim your award!

Celeste said...

Haha! More beer for you, Trev! People do not know what they are missing. I recommend that you don't tell them.

We're taking a 6pk of home brew to my stepdad tomorrow in N.O., a Grand Cru that has coriander in it. It is REALLY GOOD.

Going to see THE POLICE!!!!!!

Trev Diesel said...

Jon and Cindi - you don't know what you're missing...yum!

Jon- Thanks man, I appreciate it and am very much honored by your nomination. Of course "beautiful and tolerant spirit, insight, and writing" is exactly how I find you and your site as well.

Celeste - too bad we can't swap homebrews! That Grand Cru sounds great.