Monday, March 27, 2006

Trev Diesel on Stupid Church People

A pretty popular podcast (or internet "radio show" for those unfamiliar with the oh-so-hip new term) called Stupid Church People is featuring a Trev Diesel song on their newest show.

SCP is basically two guys - Steve and Josh from California - both former church employees who talk about their frusterations with the church and while that may seem like a really negative thing, it is actually quite refreshing to hear such honesty, humor, and REALNESS from people who aren't trying to put on an act for others.

They're both extremely vulgar and extremely spiritual in the same breath... like most normal people I know.

Anyway, check out their site HERE and you can download the radio show HERE (click "Direct Download") that features yours truly. But be sure to listen to some of their other shows, including the Tony Jones interview (Tony his the unofficial Grand Poombah of the Emergent Church movement).

Just for the record - though - Steve says something about me writing "The Air Up There" to be about getting away from church... but that's not actually how I put it (Jeez, Steve, what the hell's WRONG with you!). What I had emailed him was this: "It's definately an open metaphor - and while originally it was about overcoming the shit in life - it certainly could be applied to the church - when we feel like we're drowning in it all and we have to figure out whatever it may be (your "boat" in the song) that will be your WHOLENESS, rest and salvation."

Thanks again guys, for featuring the music (and for the sexual advances by Josh)! Much love!


isaiah said...

It's all good- glad to see SCP is strokin' your about a "live" interview with the Diesel- man himself where you can 'explain' your take on "The Air Up There"?

To me, "The Air Up There" is about being conscious of what we do, what we choose, and about taking responsibility for our actions.

It's an inspiring song that says, choose!

jaxun said...

I can't believe you call yourself a fan of Ask A Ninja and dared to post that definition of podcast. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the "apple pie for whales" take on podcasting.



Smokebomb! Doo dee dee dee, dee doop!

Trev Diesel said...

Tommy - good recap on the song. No idea about the live interview... that's not my call! I'm just grateful they played the music!

Jax - ha, true that. Is it me, or is the Ninja a little on the feminine side?