Sunday, March 19, 2006


I've seen various bloggers do the "Name Your First 10 Songs to Come Up on an iPod/iTunes Random Shuffle" thing - so here's mine for this week. The "rule" is that you can't edit what songs come up, or try to front by just putting your good songs on. It's a totally random shuffle (in my case out of 4,280 tracks) ... so here we go:

  1. Desert Rose - Sting
  2. Fearless - dc Talk
  3. Parachute - Trev Diesel
  4. Clean - Incubus
  5. Stone Free - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. Johnsburg, Illinois - Tom Waits
  7. Amatevi - David Visan (Buddha Bar)
  8. Africa - Toto
  9. Human Behavior - Bjork
  10. Under Pressure - David Bowie and Queen

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