Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Loving the Podcasting

In the last few months, I've really gotten into Podcasting - those delightful little radio/video shows that automatically update to my iPod/iTunes. If you're into it as well, here's a couple of Trev Diesel's fav's worth checking out:

1.) Ask a Ninja (video) - I just got into this one, but my sweet Lord... it's a freaking riot. For a sample, click here and scroll down to view the "Ninja Gifts" video. You'll love it.

2.) Best Week Ever (video) - The crazy cats at VH1 have podcasted segments of their weekly recap on all-things-pop-culture. Hilarity ensues.

3.) The Ricky Gervais Show - Of course, everyone's favorite podcast from the creator of the BBC's "The Office." I could eat a nob at night.

4.) Meditatio Talks - Although I haven't figured out how to "subscribe" to this podcast, I have downloaded all these talks on Christian Contemplation and Meditation by Father Freeman. A bit dry (what else would you expect?) but excellent, and unique, teachings. Check it out HERE.

5.) Dirty Little Secrets - The radio show by those two crazy pastors at

Runners up...

a.) Daily Jeezit - Musings from Pastor Noel at Riverview church in Michigan where my web-buddy Dan leads music.

b.) Zencast - Excellent Zen talks, updated weekly.

c.) Strong Bad Emails - Homestarrunner's arch nemesis' emails are now avaiable in podcast format. Holy crap!

Check 'em out, yo....


Dan Price said...

By the way, are you guys ever coming up here?

Jon said...

Even though I'm a Web programmer, sometimes I feel SO 20th-century. Can't afford an iPod yet, have yet to hear a Podcast.

Sounds great, though. So glad you're back and blogging.

Tony Myles said...

My top two:

Relevant Magazine

Mosaic Church (Erwin McManus)

Trev Diesel said...

Jon - Just for the record, you can definately get Podcasts for free just by using iTunes... it's worth checking out if you have the time to listen to various programs - i usually do while I'm driving instead of the radio.

Tony - sweeeet, i'll check them out.

jaxun said...


There are chunks that I have found myself laughing about 4 hours after watching them. My brother in law thinks it's the funniest site I've ever sent him. Check the Google list for unposted tidbits.

Freakin' GOLD, baby!!!