Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Abandoned... (but not completely)

So sorry I've abandoned all my Blogger buddies. Sometimes life takes you down different roads for a while and yet I haven't forgotten about any of you.

Starting next week, I intend on making this a more-regular part of my morning ritual (putting new posts up and reading all of your entries). I've been missing the shared wisdom and coversations that have gone back and forth over these blogs.

I look forward to re-connecting with ya'll.

Much love, Trev.


isaiah said...

Yeah, what have you been doing other than recording, mixing, re- recording an album, driving to Chicago for mastering, designing artwork for the cover, designing and maintaining a new website, arranging the details a CD release party, cutting a video, and then managing to work 40 hours a week, and be a husband and a father?

Breathe in....breathe out- all is in D.O.

Miss Wired said...

You can be forgiven if you've been hugely creative!!