Thursday, January 26, 2006


Can too much choice be a bad thing? Can options be paralyzing?

I sometimes find myself so overwhelmed by my interests that its hard to not drown in it all. While I love having my hand in all kinds of pots, I certainly envy those who are passionate about one thing.

Part of my evolution will need to be learning the skill of prioritizing. If it's true that "where attention goes, energy will follow," my energy is depleting from being spread out over a number of arenas.

Stay still. Find center. Tat tvam asi. All of it matters and absolutely none of it matters.


isaiah said...

"Tat tvam asi." This, I learned from you. I so understand your writing here and often ask the same question. Belive me, you are not alone here.

Campbell says, "Follow your bliss." What if your bliss resides in six of seven directions?

Covey says, 'If the habit of doing that which you love were the highest---you would be doing it and it would be sustaining there is a higher habit which has you under it's direction.'

Tat tvam asi...Tat tvam asi. Answers are all about us...that is the solution, that is the 'problem.'

Figure it out and let us know, OK?

jaxun said...

Ah, yes. Familiar territory brother.

Whatever passion is not the focus, becomes the distraction. Micro-progress in multi-directions. And still the dishes and laundry must get done.

Perhaps this is why I hope/believe we are given multiple opportunities to "get it right" here on this crazy Blue Orb.

If not this round, perhaps the next.

Trev Diesel said...

Thanks guys. I really appreciate your feedback.

Expect a long blog entry about this soon. I'm got some soul-searching to do.