Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Lafayette, Indiana (the city where my family lives), made national news yesterday.

A local soldier was buried Monday after being killed in Iraq. During the young man's funeral, a group from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas stood on the street corner shouting anti-war protests and flashing anti-homosexual signs saying that the deaths in Iraq are one of the many ways that God is punishing America for our sinfulness and acceptance of homosexuals.

It is very sad indeed.

God's children? Yes. Christians, Jesus-followers? No. There is absolutely nothing Christ-like in these actions.

You can read about the funeral here and about the protests here and here.


Jon said...

Thanks, Trev.
This is truly tragic. The world spins itself a web of misery from lies told for broken mind's needs to have drama, to believe, belong, and be "right."

"We need to invade Iraq to prevent terrorists from using WMD's on our soil."

"My brother died in order for you to have that right to say what you believe."

"God hates fags."

"God Himself has now become America's terrorist, killing Americans in strange lands for Brokeback Mountain ... sins."

"New laws are the answer."

All beliefs. All wrong. All bring some comfort to the small, scared self in the persons who believe them. All bring some discomfort in the world where people react to counter other reactions and beliefs and sow the seeds for more belief-soaked reactions that counter and create more beliefs and more reactions.

Can we stop the madness? Can we learn that we are noThing? Can we become comfortable with the peace within ourselves? Can we live without "right"? Can we come as children to the Kingdom?

jaxun said...

I read about these guys in this article the other day...


It gave me some small comfort to see these bikers coming out to support the folks this guy Phelps is tormenting, even if, as Jon says, it's just manifestation of beliefs creating more conflict.