Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Matthew Fox Blog (Thanks Darrell!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThanks to Darrell over at the Blog of the Grateful Bear, it has come to my attention that Matthew Fox (author, priest, theologian, etc.) now has his own blog. And on it, he has posted (in the footsteps of Martin Luther) a new 95 Theses for the Church. You can check out Matt's blog HERE. And you can check out his 95 Theses HERE.

Just for the record, I do not "intelluctually agree" with all of Matt's Theses, but do admire his courage, his heart for mysticsm and justice, and his call for transformation.

I've been blessed by Matthew over the last few years - both by his books - and because my pastor and I audited a class on Thomas Aquinas at Fox's University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland a few years ago. This blog will be a new view into what's happening in Fox's life and ministry - whether you "agree" with it or not! :)

Thanks Darrell!


gratefulbear said...

You're welcome, Trev! Just out of friendly curiosity: With which of Matthew's theses do you disagree?

Rick said...

Matthew is one of the most passionate Christians I have ever met. He is a priest in my diocese and i expected him to be "flakey" but I walked away from our 2 hour meeeting with a deep respect for him.

Trev Diesel said...


I guess it's not really that I disagree with any of his points per se...

... it's hard to put my finger on. Maybe it's just that there's not much "weight" behind these statements. FOR EXAMPLE: Though I myself very, very often address the Divine as Mother, just saying "God is both Mother and Father" isn't going to "convince" "the church" of anything - just because MATTHEW FOX said so.

I don't know - maybe that's the "weirdness" I'm feeling about it... but like I said, I just can't put my finger on it.


RICK: For sure, he is a very passionate man. And a very, very genuine and caring person in conversation.

gratefulbear said...

I don't know if Matthew's purpose is to "convince" the church, or if his purpose is simply to speak his truth. I'm grateful that he is making the statement, "God is both Mother and Father," and I'm grateful that others (including you) are recognizing the Motherhood of God also. Maybe we'll reach a "critical mass" when enough people speak the truth on this and other issues. That will be far more convincing than any rational arguments we can come up with.

anonymous julie said...

Holy replying-to-an-ancient-post, Batman!

But I happened upon this (things happen when you wait for the computer...) and really, really enjoyed reading what Fox had written.