Monday, May 02, 2005

Spirit for Sale

Sometimes I chuckle to myself when I pick up "spiritual magazines" such as Yoga Journal and Christianity Today and see how many rediculous ads there are in there - everything from prayer paraphernilia to retreats to holy computer software to special OM drinking water to ...


For publications that are supposed to promote contentment and dying to self, they sure know how to whore out things related to spirituality. But, alas, I guess we all have our vices.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all the ad that made me laugh the most. I just can't even believe this is real, it's so damn funny.

You. Israel. This summer.

Oh yeah! This is not your parents' tour of Israel! You'll still see where Jesus lived, died, and arose. You'll have the chance to reaffirm your baptism in the Jordan River and take part in a messianic Passover Seder.

But, you'll also go sailing, snorkeling, swimming, white-water rafting, rappelling off cliffs, and enjoy 4-wheel drive, off-road adventures - whith other people your age (18-25)!

Call for your free "Live the Land" tour brochure: (800) 92.................


JP said...

That is pretty funny, its almost as good as seeing christian candy. You know, the scripture laced chocolate bars or taffy's. It seems, too me, to make light of batism by stating " You'll have the chance to reaffirm your baptism in the Jordan River"

As if the first baptism was not good enough, or you did not pledge your faith to Christ. Why delay, do it again!!

Jon said...

Sounds like we'll see this again in The Wittenburg Door! Thanks!

Trev Diesel said...

Jon.... I don't get your comment! Care to explain? :)

Miss Wired said...

Ewww! Isn't the Jordan River filthy and polluted now?

Trev Diesel said...

I dunno... it might be!

The thing that cracks me up about this ad is I can almost see the Television version:

They read the first paragraph all serious over slow, brooding background music and images of the Holy City.

And then suddenly it kicks into some Beach-Boys-esque song and some "rad, X-gamer dude" enthusiastically talks about the wild and crazy watersports.


It is said that the Buddha owned only 3 robes, one bowl and a water purifier - and Jesus had not even a place to lay his head - and yet there's all this silly unneeded stuff on the market in their names.

gratefulbear said...

Marcus Borg says that when we have religion without a passion for justice (which was the passion of the Hebrew prophets), we turn spirituality into just another consumer item. I see this at places like Whole Foods Market (where we get most of our groceries), where they sell Buddha-shaped scented candles and CD's of Hindu devotional music alongside the yoga mats and Deepak Chopra books. --none of which is quite as tacky as the "Testa-Mints" breath mints they sell at Family Christian Stores.

JP said...

ahhhh, how could I forget Testa-mints" minty fresh with a spiritual kick!

isaiah said...

Saw Goodmorning America a few days ago with a dude pitching his new book and diet: (I swear)

"What Would Jesus Weigh?"

Great post- one good way to keep things in perspective.