Monday, May 09, 2005

By Their Fruit

Regarding those who are truly on the right path (spiritually), Jesus said that it is by their fruit that we will recognize them. It is not enough to simply talk about spirituality or wax theological - the one who lives and experiences the God-life is the one who passes from speculation into actualization.

I mention this because Jon over at his blog - the Wild Things of God - recently had a post regarding the loss of his job. It is just very obvious that, for him, his spiritual practice is not mere talk or supposition, it is the very foundation of his life and has transported him beyond the realm of human drama into the wonderous playground of God.

May we all follow Jon's example as one who looks beyond the veils of surface-level drama and illusion and peers into the very heart of the "Eternal One."


Jon said...

Trev, really!

OK, I'm flattered, but I ought to smack you upside the head! More often than not, I'm one of those who "wax theological." Calls for my canonization are quite unwarranted--if you saw me on a bad day, you'd be glad we live four states apart!

Trev Diesel said...

Hahaha... well that MAY be the case, but at least in this instance your approach for handling what most people would consider a very life-shaking experience proves that you have a very REAL connection to the Divine.

Sorry to "call you out" and put you on a pedestal, I just very much admired the way you were seeming to handle the situation. Push on, St. Jon! ;)