Friday, May 06, 2005

Here we go again!

Today, Trev Diesel commences his 26th trip around the sun.


isaiah said...

26 years this time around the Sun, but I suspect you are an old soul, Trev- closer to fine... with every new day.

Happy Birthday!

Jon said...

Happy Birthday, Trev!

Many frims!


JP said...

Happy Birthday brother. Have fun man. When do we stop counting our birthdays? I just turned 26 myself and am finding the aging process redundant to count.

Miss Wired said...

Congratulations on surviving thus far! The start of my 27th year around the sun starts in July and I'm terrified.

Miss Wired said...

Um, if you've just turned 26, doesn't this make this the start of your 27th time around the sun??